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The Golden Age of Mail-Order Protein Has Arrived

You've never tasted beef, chicken, and salmon like this before.

CALL IT a great protein flavor recession: Over the past few decades, something happened to grocery-store beef, chicken, and fish—it started to all taste the same.

The main culprit: industrial farms producing bland meat and giving animal protein a bad name. (No wonder plant-based “meat” took off.)

But now smaller-scale farms are raising this-is-how-it-should-taste animal proteins, while also enhancing the nutritiousness of their products. Better still: You can have them shipped to you.

Here are just three of the many producers offering the Good Stuff, plus how to cook it right.

Beef: Meet Regenerative Ranching’s Underdog

THERE’S ONE big reason the meat you eat at a steakhouse tastes sublime: sourcing.

Steakhouse owners know that delivering a tender, juicy, belly-patting rib eye (ortomahawk, or . . .) starts not in the kitchen but on the cattle ranch.

Enter Adam LaRoche. When he retired from baseball in 2016, he found himself with plenty of two things: land and time. LaRoche had opened a steakhouse back in 2013 and owned a 4,800-acre ranch in Fort Scott, Kansas.

He had big dreams of raising better cattle that would help supply the steakhouse and sustain his family for generations to come. And so, with his business partner, rancher Jake Gross, he cofounded E3 Meat Co.

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