1 Tri-Tip (approximately 2.5-4 lbs)
Head Country Marinade (or Worcestershire)
3 TBL each of Seasoning Salt & Black Pepper
1 TBL each of Garlic, Onion, & Chili Powder
Spritzer filled with High Quality Apple Juice
Rouge Duck Fat (or Butter)
Difficulty 2/5
Prep Time 15 Min
Cook Time 5 hrs
Serves 4-6
Hardwood: Oak


Tri-Tip is the bottom sirloin on a steer where three muscles come together. Generally considered California or Santa Maria BBQ and is gaining popularity across the US. I prefer to cook it like a reverse seared steak to a medium rare.


1. Pre-heat your Grill to 200-225 F degrees (you can use higher temperature if you want to cook faster – I like the lower temp for more smoke on the meat)

2. While the Grill is getting to temperature trim the fat cap off the bottom (flatter side) of the Tri-Tip. Then flip over and trim all the silver skin off the top. Look at the grain on the top. Make a Knuckle Notch or cut about ¼” deep down the middle separating where the grains meet from the left and right side. Usually there is a line of fat here as well. This will help when cutting the Tri-Tip after smoking, as it will be hard to see the grain due to the bark from the sear.

3. Mix the rubs and put in a plastic container or use a spoon to sprinkle on meat.

4. Cover the bottom of the Tri-Tip with a liberal dose of Marinade or Worcestershire followed by a medium coat of the mixed rub. Flip and do the same on the top. Give it a light spritz to start the rub to “sweat”.

5. Put immediately on the Grill bottom side down and Spritz lightly every 20 minutes with Apple Juice (preferably something like Martinelli’s) and cook to internal temperature of 120-125 F. This will take about 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the weight of the Tri-Tip. Take the Tri-Tip off the grill and cover with foil.

6. Turn up the Grill to 425-450 F when done and place a griddle or cast iron skillet on the grates. Wait for at least 12 minutes for the grill to come to temp and heat up the cast iron. Put a small amount of Duck Fat (or butter) on the cast iron to coat and then place the top of the Tri-Tip (notch side) down on the griddle for 4 minutes. Flip the Tri-Tip. After another 2 minutes start checking temperature and pull at 132-134 degrees for Medium Rare.

7. Do not rest. Cut the Tri-Tip into 2 and then Cut against the grain both pieces and serve immediately. I prefer to slice a little thin and then cut into bite size pieces.

This Reverse Seared Tri-Tip recipe is brought to you by BBQ World Champion and Traeger Pro Doug Scheiding of Rogue Cookers