E3 K9 Performance

At the E3 Ranch in America’s heartland, our respect for God’s creation drives us to fully utilize the cattle we raise, leaving nothing to waste. We designate every element – meat, bone, and hide – for re-purpose. By doing so, we’re able to offer your canine companion healthy, 100% natural treats. Born, raised and harvested in the U.S.A., our protein products are ideal for training or rewarding in the field.

Like our Responsibly Raised E3 Steaks for you, we are proud to offer your canine our premium bones and treats.  Your best friends will love the taste and perform at their best with the high protein, low fat, nutrient rich, grain free, and gluten free treats. E3 certified black and red angus cattle are raised without antibiotics. Our butchers hand trim each bone and dog treat prior to placement on the oven rack where they are slow roasted and hickory-smoked to bake in flavor. Our treats promote dental health helping to remove tartar build up with ridges to help scrape teeth while chewing.  




A portion of our profits go directly to foundations that support our Nations Heroes including Active and Retired K9s that Honorably Protect Our Freedom. We Paw It Forward and Salute our K9 Warriors. For more information please visit www.3egives.org.