Christine's Place

E3 Ranch Foundation is partnered with Relentless Pursuit Outreach & Recovery in Kansas City, MO to build and provide a safe non-judgmental location to: Bring Hope to the Hopeless, Navigate available resources, meet their basic human needs, and fight for freedom from exploitation.

In the first 18 days (Friday - Sunday) The RPOR Drop-In Center has been operational 64 different women have come in for 191 visits.

Christine's Place has provided the following on top of the basics provided at the Drop In Center:

  • 17 nights in a hotel
  • 10 shelter referrals  
  • 6 other referrals 
  • 1 help with a new car
  • 2 bus ticket out of town  

E3 Ranch Foundation is partnering with them to support their Current Goals:

  • Complete the Drop In Center expansion – 6 months 
  • Expand the Crisis and Stabilization Shelter – 9 months  
  • Build a Long Term Residential Shelter – 24 months

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